J. H. Malerman - The Splendour


I have had the melody and lyrics to the chorus to this song banging around my head for years, but only recently was I able to commit it to... well, not tape, but you get the idea. The melody determines the tuning: I love septimal harmony and enharmonic movement, so 41 it was.

Tuning information:

41-EDO, A=440 Hz.

Composer bio:

I have been interested in microtonal and xenharmonic music since late elementary school—blame the American Mavericks programme on Harry Partch—and have been making music in different forms with different parties since middle school. Under my current moniker, Silence and Secrecy, I mostly write strange, melodious songs about morbid things, some of which happen to be very oddly tuned. I also compose a little in various modes.