Benjamin Robert Fuhrman - Toolbox


"Toolbox" (2014) is an exploration of the figurative and literal meaning of the object. It literally explores sounds from my collection of power tools, while also using many of the techniques I frequently use in creating electroacoustic pieces; effects processing, microtonality, synthesis, spectral editing, and good old fashioned buffer shuffling. The result is an imagined soundscape from inside both versions of a toolbox, taking the listener on a journey through the box inside of the mind.

Tuning information:

Bayaati - no SCALA was used, all microtunings were on live instruments.

Composer bio:

Born in Lansing in 1982, Benjamin Fuhrman is a graduate of the doctoral program in music composition at Michigan State University, where his principle instructors were Dr. Ricardo Lorenz and Dr. Mark Sullivan. He holds a master’s degree in music composition from Michigan State University, and a bachelor’s in violin performance from Hope College, where his principle instructor was Mihai Craioveanu. He has had works commissioned from a number of performers and has been performed throughout the world. He is currently serving as instructor of mandolin and computer music at the MSU Community Music School. For more information -