Marc J Aubele - I Move Between Rooms


I received a google alert about this competition a couple of days before a scheduled "jam" with a drummer friend of mine. I had recently been playing around with sine waves tuned by quarter-note and sketched out a few motifs which we then played around in my studio, using a Korg KP3 to live loop and effect the microtuned sequences. I also added some "chordal" information from pitched and effected orchestral samples. The recording you hear is a live "improv" version of the result.

Tuning information:

The tuning system for this piece is based on a quarter note scale. I don't use scala when composing, I have written a patch for the Reaktor Synth (made by Native Instruments) which allows me to microtune the oscillators.

Composer bio:

I studied music technology at London Guildhall University and my final thesis was on alternate tuning systems. Since then I have been mainly working as a session musician playing software and hardware synthesizers live and in the studio. This year, the main thrust of my work has been developing a fully customizable microtonal synth in the aforementioned Reaktor environment and am readying a full album length work for early 2015.