Tiffany Maureen Skidmore - Tanzen


"Tanzen" explores "dirty electricity"/electrical pollution/distortion as a metaphor for miscommunication. The form of the piece is two waveforms that are out of sync with one another. Both lines attempt to play the same song: Violin I performs the "melody" as a polka, while Violin II performs the "melody" as a waltz. Both parts attempt the tune several times, attempting to achieve some sort of synthesis, but the message is continually polluted. Despite meeting occasionally, communication is ultimately impossible.

Tuning information:

Mix of Equal Temperaments from 12-48.

Composer bio:

Tiffany M. Skidmore has a Ph.D. in Music Composition from the University of Minnesota, where she studied with James Dillon and is currently a member of the music theory faculty. She is a founding member of the Minneapolis composer collective, Composers Federal Credit Union and Gardening Club and is often sought after as a lecturer and performer. As a professional vocalist, she frequently performs with the Contemporary Music Workshop, The Gregorian Singers, and Hymnos Vocal Ensemble.