Löis Junotovitch Lancaster - Sintonia do Ocidente


It's a song in portuguese. The title would translate "Western Tuning", but "Sintonia" in portuguese also means sympathy, concordance. It's a point I make about pursuing xehmarmony in the opposite direction of an eastern traditional approach, in the conqueriing of 'new worlds' of harmonic spaces, like the odd-harmonics' world of the BP scale. The male choir, sung by me, represents the businessmen. They sing "nós, empresários, agimos assim" / "we businessmen act like this" The female singer is Ana Maura Araujo.

Tuning information:

It's the famous worldwide Bohlen-Pierce tuning, so I hope I don't have to put the SCL file here...

Composer bio:

I'm a brazilian composer and bass player, making weird music since the eighties :)