Daniel Shane Sewell - Quartet


For this competition I decided to use twelve-tone serialism in a way that could be heightened by non-standard tuning. To do this, I took the template created by Anton Webern in his Op. 28 String Quartet, and mapped his tone row sequences to Just Intonation Hexads. Two sets of hexads are played against the other (each set includes ascending and descending sequences). I choose his Op. 28 because of his tone row's symmetry, and because it is made up entirely of semi-tone steps -- perfect to highlight microtonal increments. This is my variation on his original design. The work is performed on monochords made with a beer can resonator.

Tuning information:

Just Intonation sequences from four hexads with slight asymmetry: 1/1, 8/7, 6/5, 9/7, 11/8, 13,9; 2/1, 7/4, 5/3, 8/5, 27/17, 11/7; 2/1, 11/6, 9/5, 12/7, 14/9, 19/12; 1/1, 5/4, 4/3, 7/5, 24/17, 10/7

Composer bio:

b. 1978, Rochester, New York; 2014 Artist-in-Residence at Popps Packing, Detroit, Michigan, which premiered the "Tailpipe Ensembles" project; Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.