Justin Henry Rubin - Petite romance pour piano en intonation juste


This is a rondo of sorts, with each couplet exploring the changing harmonic possibilities built within the fixed tuning center of C (the refrain). Varying use of dissonance is the key for me in the subtle expressive possibilities within this intonation system.

Tuning information:

! ji_12.scl ! Basic JI with 7-limit tritone. Robert Rich: Geometry 12 ! 16/15 9/8 6/5 5/4 4/3 7/5 3/2 8/5 5/3 9/5 15/8 2/1

Composer bio:

Dr. Justin Rubin is Professor of Music and Chair of the Composition and Theory Program at the University of Minnesota Duluth and Artistic Director of the UMD New Music Festival. Rubin released his first solo CD, Nostalgia (Innova 738), in 1998 that included his chamber works featuring the bassoon. Exceptional critical reception led to the publication of subsequent recordings in 2011 – Constellations (MSR 1398), 2013 – A Waltz Through the Vapor (Innova 847), and 2014 – Currents (Centaur 3410). In 2009 he was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Teachers that represents the highest recognition by the University of its most distinguished scholar-teachers and in 2014 he was additionally honored with the Tezla Teacher/Scholar Award. A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, Purchase College (New York), and the University of Arizona, Rubin is also active as a performer on organ and piano. His diverse concert repertoire and musicological concerns (ranging from Buxtehude and Schubert to Sorabji and Xenakis) has informed an eclectic compositional style, fusing a renewed perspective on traditional tonal structures with a command of contemporary techniques built on a foundation of improvisation and intuitive processes. His works have been performed by the Minnesota Orchestra as well as numerous chamber ensembles throughout the United States and internationally. In addition Rubin’s collaborative efforts in the realm of multimedia/music and video have been recognized through presentations by the Visual Music Marathon series at Northeastern University and grants from the Institute for Advanced Study and the McKnight Foundation. Current projects include a recording of his works for piano four-hands that spans a decade-long partnership with Duo Gastesi-Bezerra.