Todd Ian Harrop - Thornbright


Thornbright is a spacious improvisation on the whole-tone scale with the intention of filling it in with 'third-tones.' Transpositions and echoes of the piano notes, however, are controlled by the acoustic characteristics of the drums, and vice versa, e.g. a flanging effect is sprinkled over the drum sounds according to the piano's acoustic qualities (amplitude and spectral rolloff, among others). The overall effect is a murky, dream-like fantasy wherein two voices influence each other in an subtle or unconscious manner.

Tuning information:

! 18ed2.scl ! third-tone scale 18 ! 66.667 133.333 200.000 266.667 333.333 400.000 466.667 533.333 600.000 666.667 733.333 800.000 866.667 933.333 1000.000 1066.667 1133.333 1200.000

Composer bio:

Todd Harrop is a composer and percussionist from Canada. He has written many chamber music works, played drums for dance ensembles and pop bands, orchestra etc. Recently he began a Ph.D. in Hamburg in music-theatre, or microtonality, or microtonal music-theatre.