Santiago Rodriguez Cosentino - Interdimensional Train Ride


A composition for jazz quintet featuring double-bass, piano, (9-TET) tenor saxophone, trombone and drums. Includes a head-in, solos over the form, and a head-out, in typical jazz fashion. The composition consists of two parts, A & B: part A is modal (allowing rather free improvisation around a tonal centre) and B is a non-diatonic cycle of three chords of the same type (calling for outlining of the chords).

Tuning information:

133.333333 266.666667 400.000000 533.333333 666.666667 800.000000 933.333333 1066.666667 1200.000000

Composer bio:

Composer, jazz guitarist, singer. Born October 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Started studying music at age 9, took up jazz guitar in 2005 at age 18. Graduated from CAEMSA (a local Berklee-method music school) in 2014. Plays (12-TET) jazz guitar in various ensembles, including a jazz trio based much around free improvisations and original compositions. A xen improvisation project also being sketched.