Nora-Louise Müller - Zusammen hallt


"Zusammen hallt" - a word game translating to both "solidarity, team spirit" and to "resounding together" - is a structured improvisation for Bohlen-Pierce clarinet and church organ. Beginning at the matching pitches of both tuning systems, the piece develops into a rich merengue of sound layers, beatings, dissonances and minimal pitch differences, while the range of the organg extends from a single, sustained note to its extreme registers. The november wind and the natural reverb of Lübeck's St. Petri church, built in 13th century, supports the sounds to show the beauty of this combination of instruments and tuning systems.

Tuning information:

! bohlen-p.scl ! See Bohlen, H. 13-Tonstufen in der Duodezime, Acustica 39: 76-86 (1978) 13 ! 27/25 25/21 9/7 7/5 75/49 5/3 9/5 49/25 15/7 7/3 63/25 25/9 3/1

Composer bio:

Nora-Louise Müller is a sought-after interpreter and teacher of contemporary clarinet music. Her performances have repeatedly been broadcast in the concert series NDR - das neue werk. Nora is a well-regarded artist in several festivals such as festival (DA)(NE)S (Maribor, Slovenia) and Microfest (Amsterdam). Simon Schumacher has been cantor and organist for Bodelschwingh parish in Lübeck, Germany since 2012. He studied church music in Lübeck and Prague. Simon Schumacher is a sought-after organist for concert halls and opera houses, and he has been awarded the first price in improvisation in the 2014 Petr Eben organ competition in Opava/CZ. (Obviously, this is a collaboration of Simon Schumacher and Nora-Louise Müller.)