Carlo Tenan - Don't fix it


The piece is for a "modern", improbable and acoustic ensemble... The instruments are: Flute,b Clarinet, Bassoon, Double Bass, Soprano recorder, Alto recorder, Tenor recorder,Bass recorder,Marimba, Harpsichord ( soloist ) , Harp, Celesta, 3 Percussions. All the instruments use a 24 equal pitches for octave (also Marimba) The piece developed a "thema" in a classic way, the soloist (harpsichord) from a contemporary and very serious atmosphere "derail" toward a more solar space...

Tuning information:

All instruments use quarter tone scale. (24 equal pitches for octave)

Composer bio:

Born in Italy, graduated in Piano, Oboe, Composition, Conducting and Electronic music. His scores have been reported and awarded prizes in several international competitions including the “2 Agosto” International Composing Competition”, “Uuno Klami International Composition Competition” or the “Opera J Competition” (contest sponsored by Opera tomorrow / As.Li.Co., L’Opéra Royal de Wallonie and the Teatro Real in Madrid). His piece 4.0 for brass sextet has been performed and recorded by the formation Wonderbrass, composed of musicians from prestigious orchestras such as the National Academy of Santa Cecilia and the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, with the participation of the first trumpet of the famous quintet Canadian Brass. His electronic "Typewriter" has been chosen as one of the three shortlisted works for the Bangor Dylan Thomas Prize in 2014.