John Lank Moriarty - Minimal Progress


"Minimal Progress" features an extreme case of the diatonic scale, if you still want to call it that. It uses the 5L2s MOS structure generated by a 712 cent fifth and a pure 1200 cent octave, leaving you with minor seconds that are 40 cents wide and major seconds that are 224 cents wide. I found the tiny 40 cent intervals especially inspiring, and the whole piece is built around them. I also include F# and G# for use in secondary dominant chords, whose function I find to be exaggerated in scales with fifths sharper than those in Meantone.

Tuning information:

! superpythagorean 712&1200 9 ! 224.0 264.0 448.0 488.0 672.0 712.0 936.0 976.0 2/1

Composer bio:

John Moriarty is a vocalist and composer currently studying as a vocal performance major. His focusses are jazz, classical, and rock styles. For microtonal music, John uses generalized keyboards as composition and performance tools, in addition to his voice.