Gareth Michael Llewelyn Hearne - Porcupine Man


A Semi-improvised solo piano piece set in Porcupine Temperament, tuned to 22edo. The scale used is the standard 7 note 'major' - Lssssss, where occasionally the 7th is raised giving the 'harmonic major' - LssssLd.

Tuning information:

Porcupine[9] in 22edo 12 0 163.636364 163.636364 327.272727 490.909091 545.454545 654.545455 709.090909 872.727272 872.727272 1036.363636 1200

Composer bio:

Gareth Hearne is a singer, clarinettist, conductor and composer based in Perth, Australia. Gareth has recently completed undergraduate degrees in science majoring in physics, and in music majoring in classical clarinet performance with an honours in musicology, his dissertation detailing his development of a new model for microtonal music utilising 2D regular temperaments in 22edo.