Sam Krahn - slow/noise/tone


slow/noise/tone for solo electric guitar is a semi-improvisational work in which the guitar is tuned to produce pitches in a 24-tone equal tempered scale. The piece is structured around a series of “moments” which vary in length and content, and extremes of timbre, volume, and pitch. The material varies between extremely inaudible to loud sounds, and strict pitch series to more open-ended processes of generating noise. Various levels of “beat” interference occur as well, as additional layers of depth in the sound.

Tuning information:

24-tone equal temperament (24edo)

Composer bio:

Sam Krahn is a Minneapolis based guitarist, performer, composer, and teacher. His works have been performed by members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Fidelio Trio, Ensemble Uusinta, Duo Gelland, Christina Baldwin, Lara Bolton, Benjamin Cold, Lux String Quartet, Rappel-Steinmetz Percussion Duo, Contemporary Music Workshop, the Anaphora Ensemble, and many others. He has received numerous commissions to compose new works for Ed Harrison of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Maraca Concerto), Duo Gelland (Resistance/Resonance), the Fidelio Trio (Trio), Harper College (Spring Dirge), Benjamin Cold (flux-mirror), and the Anaphora Contemporary Ensemble (String Quartet No. 1). He participated in the MATA Festival in New York City and the Source Song Festival in Minneapolis. Most recently, he was invited to participate in the 70th annual Cheltenham Music Festival in England.