Josh David Weinberg - Golden Freqs


Using a tuning system I developed, which is based on the DNA-repairing, 'miracle' frequency of 528Hz, the 3rd solfeggio frequency, and using the golden ratio, phi, as factors to, in essence, create a golden spiral set of pitches stemming below and above 528Hz. In addition to genetic biochemists using the 528Hz frequency to repair broken DNA, with some evidence supporting it has the potential to enhance human DNA, this frequency is also the resonance frequency of chlorophyll, the essential bio-molecule in all plant & algae life as well as a center resonance of the sun. The development of this tuning system and the music I have composed with it, with this piece being the best demonstration/example, is my attempt to create music that first and foremost gets people dancing & having fun, but is also meditative - with the goal of healing, and perhaps even improving the listener/audience at a physiological level, specifically genetically (planning on working this winter&beyond with genetic biochemists to prove).

Tuning information:

! Weinberg_Golden528.scl ! Josh Weinberg's 13-tone 'Golden' Scale - w/ 6th note being 528Hz, phi factors above and below. 1/1=47.6097308 Hz 12 ! 833.09029344343 1666.18058674612 2499.27087997733 3332.36114039086 4165.45146359209 4998.5417618538 5831.63206124014 6664.72235876178 7497.81265467357 8330.902948117 9163.99324156043 9997.08353500386

Composer bio:

Josh Weinberg is a drummer, electronic musician, & music educator born and raised in Boston, MA. Josh is devoted to excellence and passionate about all things music. Weinberg started his musical journey studying piano at age 8. After a burning desire took hold to learn the drums, he started to take drum lessons at age 11, and quickly found great enjoyment and much more from drumming and from age 14 onwards was playing professionally with various bands. At this time, Josh was listening to and playing the work of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Nirvana, but soon found his way to the music of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, John Scofield, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. When Weinberg was 17, he became captivated by electronic music, and started working with electronic music production and sound design. He is now greatly inspired by the work of Bonobo, Beats Antique, Karsh Kale, Morton Subotnick, and John Chowning. Weinberg has worked with notable artists Nona Hendryx, Simon Shaheen, and Richard Devine.