Joe Beedles - Omitted Definition


Conceived as a precise exploration of 'the notes between the notes' and dealing with ideas of chance and probability - when a specific note is read and played by the computer, it chooses, at random, either: the note unchanged; the note tuned 64 cents up (a quarter tone); the note tuned 7 semitones up; the note tuned 7 semitones and a quarter tone up. Two unique renderings of the piece are placed in each channel, left and right respectively, giving focus to the harmonic microtonal interplay created by the two.

Tuning information:

Born out of a generative computer process working within in set parameters by myself, each MIDI note randomly chooses 1 of 4 sounds when reading each composed note. The choices are: Sawtooth wave, unchanged Square wave, + 64 cents Sawtooth wave, + 7 semitones Square wave, + 7 semitones, 64 cents

Composer bio:

Joe is studying traditional and electronic composition at the University of Salford. With interests primarily lying in the experimental and ambient realms, he searches for a balance between live instruments, field-recordings and the electronic intervention of those stated. His technique in looping samples/recordings of varying lengths allow for interesting rhythmical combinations. Joe’s output is varied with running stylistic themes consisting of: vocal manipulation, carefully considered harmonic structures and modular software set-ups that allow for interesting and unexpected results.