Donald D Craig - Nebula


'Nebula' is a work in 31 tone equal temperament. The piece was composed using Finale and the sound synthesis was done with SuperCollider. The piece is composed of blocks with recurring materials, like melodic figures and rhythmic cells.

Tuning information:

! 31 TET ! 31 TET 31 ! 38.709677419355 77.41935483871 116.12903225806 154.83870967742 193.54838709677 232.25806451613 270.96774193548 309.67741935484 348.38709677419 387.09677419355 425.8064516129 464.51612903226 503.22580645161 541.93548387097 580.64516129032 619.35483870968 658.06451612903 696.77419354839 735.48387096774 774.1935483871 812.90322580645 851.61290322581 890.32258064516 929.03225806452 967.74193548387 1006.4516129032 1045.1612903226 1083.8709677419 1122.5806451613 1161.2903225806 1200.0

Composer bio:

Donald Craig earned is DMA in Music Composition from the University of Washington in 2009. He has studied with Joel Durand, Kenneth Benshoof, Richard Karpen, and Juan Pampin. He also plays guitar and has studied with Steven Novacek. His dissertation, "Symphony By Numbers" was a large visual music work, for which he developed his own software. He developed the software for the latest artworks of Eunsu Kang (, recently shown in Seoul and New York. He won Honorable Mention at the 2011 Punto y Raya Festival ( for his work of visual music "Midnight at Loch Ness." He has a strong interest in equal temperaments and plans to use them in his ongoing visual music projects.He can be contacted at and his website (still under construction) is here: