Lin Culbertson - A Salvo of Tears


My methodology for creating this piece was to incorporate two sound samples of rain as my sole source files. These files were imported into the Metasynth program and translated into a sound picture. The sound picture was then synthesized with various tunings and instruments. These new sounds were assembled into a soundscape with the result being "A Salvo of Tears".

Tuning information:

I used all these systems: semitones 100 cents quartertones 50 cents Micro8 25 cents Micro16 12.5 cents Linear8

Composer bio:

Musician and composer Lin Culbertson’s experience as an improvisor greatly informs her sound work. Her compositions are comprised of synthesized sounds, field recordings, and conventional instruments, and incorporate aspects of indeterminacy in their arrangement and performance. She is a founding member of the improvisational unit White Out.