matthew autry - A Dream of the Moon


This is an abbreviated version of a composition with four movements. The piece demonstrates the use of guitars fretted and tuned for 72edo and 130edo, and their compatibility with one another, and with justly intonated instruments, in this case double bass and a guitar with 11limit JI fretwork.

Tuning information:

11 limit Just Intonation. Four 'master' scales, one for each movement-I-key of G-1/1,16/15,7/6,32/27,6/5,5/4,4/3,3/2,8/5,7/4,16/9,2/1- II-key of C-1/1,11/10,9/8,6/5,4/3,3/2,8/5,9/5,15/8,2/1- III-key of Bbvv-1/1,21/20,7/6,6/5,4/3,3/2,8/5,5/3,7/4,2/1- IV-key of Dbv-1/1,10/9,9/8,5/4,11/8,45/32,10/7,3/2,5/3,7/4,15/8,2/1

Composer bio:

I am a 40-something year old musician,luthier, and composer from Olympia, Washington. I have been refretting guitars and guitar-like instruments for the last couple of decades, exploring just intonation, and high number equal divisions of the octave, including 53edo,65edo,72edo,87edo, and 130edo. I compose mainly in 13 limit just intonation, drawing inspiration from many different musical traditions, including, but not limited to, Classical Indian Music, many styles of oud playing, North African Sufi Music, Blues and Jazz, various vocal traditions(Byzantine, Georgian,etc.), and Art Music of the West.