This is a symphonic composition. I use microtonal intonation in divisi strings, brass (natural harmonics), woodwinds.

Tuning information:

Extended spectral tuning and 181 limit just intonation with set symmetry as well. It is a my own theory called 'Concinnitas'. I explain it in two books: 'Treatise on modern and contemporary harmony' The Symmetrical Promised Lands, volume I Published by Carisch - Milano (2015) Catalogue number: MK19144 334 pages ISBN 9788850729982 The Harmonic Promised Lands, volume II Published by Carisch - Milano (2015) Catalogue number: MK19145 348 pages ISBN 9788850729999

Composer bio:

Alberto E. Colla was born in Italy, in 1968. A pupil of Carlo Mosso, he graduated in composition, piano, choral music and choir conducting at Alessandria Conservatory. His studies continued with Azio Corghi at the Accademia Internazionale Santa Cecilia in Rome where he was the recipient of the SIAE scholarship awarded to only the most talented graduates. Composer of over 120 works, Alberto Colla made a name for himself in Italy in 2001 with his opera The Trial (by Kafka) which won the international competition organized by the Committee for the Verdi Centennial Celebrations. It was brought to the stage during the 2002 opera season of Teatro alla Scala, Milan. Colla is particularly committed to the realization of large orchestral works, which have been performed by some of the most prestigious orchestras: Chicago Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic...