Levin Eric Zimmermann - 11|7


11|7 is an electroacustic, algorithmically composed piece from my series peep box I. Originally it was intented to be played through a setup of 15 radios with 9-mono channels (as an installation), but it may also work as a stereo mixdown. For me it's part of the result of a 2-years (on-going) meditation, where I reflected mainly about the possibilites of an always changing (and therefore always disappearing) tuning and a volatile rhythm. Origin of this meditation was among others Virilios book 'The Aesthetics of Disappearance', which makes the connection between movement or travelling and the disappearence of human being.

Tuning information:

There is no specific scale, since I make heavy use of - what I called - Just Intonation Modulation, meaning that I start from two arbitary pitches (with the relationship 11/7 here) and move on then through multiplying them with different intervals from an interval set. This interval set is altering over the complete piece, but overall it only contains intervals with the prime numbers 2, 3, 7 and 11. To realize this kind of always changing tuning, I developed the Python3 library mu (https://github.com/uummoo/mu).

Composer bio:

Levin Eric Zimmermann studies composition with Michael Edwards at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany.