Aart Strootman - Anachronism #1


Anachronism #1 is the first piece in a series of experimental pieces wherein an old musical practice is used in a more contemporary fashion. This can be anything, from instruments to genres and techniques. In this specific piece the focus lies on (historical) tunings. An equal temperament is combined with a mean tone tuning and a just intonation.Together this forms a 33-tone row which is the fundament for the piece.

Tuning information:

A blend of equal, mean tone and just intonation tuning. Resulting in the following 33-tone, unequal tone row (0 = equal temperament) 0 -24 | 0 +5 | -6,8 0 +3,9 |-2,5 0 +10,3 |-13,7 0 | -29,2 0 +3,4 | -48,7 -20,5 0 | -3,2 0 +2 | -27,4 -9,5 0 | -10,3 0 +5,9 | -31,2 0 +6,8 | -17,1 -11,7 0

Composer bio:

Pioneering guitarist and composer Aart Strootman (1987) holds Master degrees in Guitar, Music Theory and Musicology. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the university of Leiden via the DocArtes program. Since 2009 Aart Strootman teaches music history, (advanced) ear training, analysis, philosophy and performance studies at the Fontys School of Arts in Tilburg (The Netherlands). In 2012 Aart Strootman was awarded “Brandstof” talent by the BKKC, followed the next two years by MuziekLab’s “New Arrivals”. In 2014 Aart was granted “Nieuwe maker” by the Dutch Fund of Performing Arts. Last September he won the prestigious Gaudeamus composition where the jury described him as a 'complete original: a performer, an improviser, an inventor and a unique composer.’ Last May he won the 1st prize at the prix Annelie de Man composition competition. Aarts music has been performed by Nora Fisher, DissonArt Ensemble,TEMKO, KLANG, Storioni, Slagwerk Den Haag,Axolot, Bang on a Can, s t a r g a z e and Kaleidoscope ensemble L.A