Stefaan Himpe - We won, Didn't We?


A pretty accessible tonal cinematic piece, executed by a Dave Smith Instruments Rev2 hardware synthesizer, using a single patch "Ensembull". Conceived at the keyboard, by making a paper and pencil score first, then playing it live on the synth. The piece starts with a victory march. 10-EDO simultaneously captures both the heroism and the agony the soldiers must feel. The middle part is an elegy for the victims. Again 10-EDO brilliantly underlines the pain and sorrow the soldiers experience in more quiet moments. At the end the victory march returns.

Tuning information:

I didn't use scala. I wrote a program to tune my synth to 10-EDO with midi note 69 = 440hz

Composer bio:

I'm an electro-technical engineer by education, mostly active in software development. I've been writing traditional music for many years as a hobby (mostly for choir and piano+other instruments). I've only recently wet my feet in microtonal composition. This is my third piece using microtonality, the first of which is written in 10-EDO. The previous ones used 24-EDO and Bohlen-Pierce.