Andrea Ravizza - Eindickung


Eindickung, in German thickening, is a piece for small orchestra (2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bsn, 2 tpt, 2 FH, timpani, strings), which draws its lifeblood from the search for a new way to relocate notes in order to find new relationship between pitches. This relocation gives rise to new sounds, with the chords dissolving and merging in new elements thanks to the use of glissati and microtonality, limited to the quarter tone. In order to find a satisfactory aesthetic balance, during the development of the piece it was useful to combine these sounds, derived from the new definition of the spaces between the intervals, with notes that belong to the temperate system. The generated material was then subjected to a profound musical and aesthetic afterthought before finally being transcribed in the score and, maybe, modi ed again. New sound objects are recreated each time. They chase each other and combine as they approach the end of the piece.

Tuning information:

Sonorities and chordal relationships have been obtained and elaborated by a system of algorithms realized within the Max-Msp development environment, starting from the calculation of some arbitrary frequencies and the arbitrary subdivision of the interval spaces between these boundaries. These algorithms are related to every musical situation. At a later stage I've approximated every note to the nearest quarter of tone, in order to promote the playability with the orchestra.

Composer bio:

Born in Turin in 1971, I started my musical studies at a young age. After an initial period of intense activity as an arranger and facility-studio owner, I studied Composition and graduated cum laude at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Turin. Then I took the Master’s Degree in composition with summa cum laude and honors at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Turin with Giorgio Colombo Taccani. I attended masterclasses with I. Fedele, M. Lanza, L. Shambadal, G. Vessicchio, A. Colla, L. Gorli, A. Di Scipio. I studied furthermore organ with G. Donati, piano with G. Guida, electronic music with A. Agostini e D. Ghisi, arrangement with P. Pia, G. Gazzani ed E. Ruffinengo. I am currently composing and arranging for symphonic orchestra, ensemble, wind orchestra, big band and vocal ensemble. I wrote music for radio and television broadcasts, multimedia events, jingles and advertising. I have worked in hundreds of concerts, as arranger, composer or conductor.