Christopher Paul Mitchell - Spaces Between


This composition was premiered by Ensemble PHACE in Vienna, Summer 2018. The primary focus of the composition is the juxtaposition of silence, silence with motions from the performers and microtonal "melodies."

Tuning information:

Combination of pitches from the overtone series with extended just intonation pitches.

Composer bio:

The music of Christopher Mitchell has been performed at the Outside the Box New Music Festival, the Charlotte New Music Festival, Arizona State University, the North American Saxophone Alliance Regional Conference at New Mexico State University, the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice at the New England Conservatory, Clarinetfest 2017 (International Clarinet Association) in Orlando, Florida, the Valencia International Performance Academy and Festival in Valencia, Spain, the Biennial North American Saxophone Alliance National Conference at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, the 2018 Vienna Summer Music Festival, the World Sax Congress in Zagreb, Croatia, and the 2018 Belgian Clarinet Academy in Belguim. He is currently pursuing his DMA in Music Composition at Arizona State University where he has studied with Jody Rockmaker, Kotoka Suzuki and Rodney Rogers.