Eren Gumrukcuoglu - Bozkir


This piece is inspired by the endless steppes that span Eurasia—from Eastern Turkey until Western China. The title Bozkir literally means ‘steppes’ in Turkish. The string quartet is treated as a homogeneous unit rather than four separate entities, and at times, imagined as an oriental instrument. The first third of the piece explores several ideas derived from Turkish maqams and the folk tradition of bards’ songs, while presenting it in a manner where a constant shift of focus occurs back and forth between melodic and rhythmic structures. The second third of the piece depicts an imaginary journey from East to West through localities of texture. The final third of the piece concludes on an Anatolian folk song-like theme.

Tuning information:

| 0: 1/1 C unison, perfect prime 1: 50.000 cents C| Db; 2: 100.000 cents C# Db 3: 150.000 cents C#| D; 4: 200.000 cents D 5: 250.000 cents D| Eb; 6: 300.000 cents D# Eb 7: 350.000 cents D#| E; 8: 400.000 cents E 9: 450.000 cents E| F; 10: 500.000 cents F 11: 550.000 cents F| Gb; 12: 600.000 cents F# Gb 13: 650.000 cents F#| G; 14: 700.000 cents G 15: 750.000 cents G| Ab; 16: 800.000 cents G# Ab 17: 850.000 cents G#| A; 18: 900.000 cents A 19: 950.000 cents A| Bb; 20: 1000.000 cents A# Bb 21: 1050.000 cents A#| B; 22: 1100.000 cents B 23: 1150.000 cents B| C; 24: 2/1 C octave

Composer bio:

Eren Gumrukcuoglu (b. 1982) is a Turkish composer currently based in Durham, where he is a PhD candidate in music composition at Duke University. Eren’s music dwells on the borders between styles. As a concert music composer with a strong jazz background, he refrains from creating a crass amalgam of genres but rather incorporates the idiosyncrasies, contours, shapes, rhythms and pacings of different styles into his music. Eren holds a master's degree from Istanbul Technical University and a bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Performers of his music include JACK Quartet, New York Polyphony, Mivos Quartet, Conrad Tao, Deviant Septet, yMusic Ensemble, Naked Drum Project, Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, and Metropole Orkest.