hiroki naito - Short-period comet,for 14EDO piano and orchestra


Short-period comet is a piece for 14EDO piano and orchestra. In addition to perfect fourth and perfect fifth which sound similar to 12 EDO, by using three kinds of 3 degree intervals (minor third, neutral third, major third) and chromatic scale, it produces different colors from 12 EDO.

Tuning information:

14EDO 0.00 85.71 171.43 257.14 342.86 428.57 514.29 600.00 685.71 771.43 857.14 942.86 1028.57 1114.29 1200.00 All instruments with pitches (eg piano, strings, flute, trombone, horn, synthesizer, etc.) are tuned to 14 equal temperament.

Composer bio:

NAITO, Hiroki is japanese student, composer, arranger. Also, I am producing many microtonal music (quarter tone, 17EDO, 19EDO, 14EDO etc.).