michael s sheiman - Prism


This piece explores the colors of a scale I've discovered I call the Prism Harmonic Segment scale. The scale has 12 notes, 10 irregularly tempered perfect fifths/fourths and 12EDO-like melodic steps. However, harmonically the scale embellishes in very heavily in microtonal/xenharmonic intervals, containing irregularly tempered intervals near 11/8, 18/13, 21/11, 20/11, 18/11, 9/7, 8/7, 7/6, 21/16, 13/7 and other exotic intervals. Sets of 5 or more intervals from the root C I call "harmonic segments" such as the "19th segment" of 19:22:26:33:35. The final soft outro has the chords/segments of 19,11,19,18,19,11,19,18,19,11,25,18,14,11,13,17,21 (final chord stab), all exotic except 18. Compare to the fast arpeggio finale just before it using 10, 15, and 18 that are in common with 12EDO, which is designed to feel "like home". Hope you enjoy your listen!

Tuning information:

! C:\prismsegmentscale.scl ! Prism Segment Scale 12 ! 125.20000 223.80000 337.10000 419.20000 482.00000 561.40000 714.60000 846.90000 946.90000 1046.20000 1120.30000 1200.00000

Composer bio:

Michael Sheiman is an irregular temperament enthusiast very interested in discovering and utilizing scale systems with the consonance of 12EDO, largely thanks to hacks such as essentially tempered chords and EFGs. He believes, while xenharmonic scales are great for avant-garde, metal, space rock, neo-classical, world music, and other more of what most Western world often considers fringe genres, they can be coaxed into dance music, alt rock, and more standard genres while avoiding the predictable/cheesy sound that often comes with 12EDO pop. His ultimate goal is to make xenharmonic music expand and diversify pop music in the same way the Beatles expanded rock music with their folksy chord modulations in the 60's.