John Lank Moriarty - The Un-Warrior Suite


The Un-Warrior Suite is a collection of short, mostly loopable pieces of music inspired by early video games. The first section of the piece is an intro/title screen theme. The second section is a shopkeeper/silly character theme. The third section is a spooky lab/cave theme. The fourth section is a "too-cool-for-school" rival character theme. The fifth section is a never-ending-staircase/never-ending-forest/neverending something theme. The sixth and final section is a credits/congratulations theme. This suite is meant to highlight the viability of "Father Temperament", where intervals separated by 16/15, like 5/4 and 4/3, are conflated and represented by the same interval. The harmonics of each timbre are adjusted to the Father Temperament "mapping" to help imply the "function" of the temperament.

Tuning information:

Thirteen equal divisions of a slightly flat octave 13 91.92 183.846 275.769 367.69 459.615 551.538 643.46 735.38 827.31 919.23 1011.15 1103.077 1195

Composer bio:

John Moriarty is a Vocalist, Keyboardist, Composer, Teacher, and Youtuber based out of the Eastern United States.