Jacob Nelson Elkin - The Robotic Bug Ballet


Inspired by the harmonic buzzing of mosquitos, this is my sonic imagination of the opening to a ballet in which robotic bugs are both sound source and dancers. The synthesizers were built in Supercollider to resemble the buzzing of a poorly made machine insects, ready to combust at any moment. Extensive digital panning and natural panning of recordings were used to create the illusion of pitch moving through space. Versions available up to 24 channels.

Tuning information:


Composer bio:

Jacob Elkin is a composer and trombonist based in Brooklyn, New York. In 2018, his electronic works have been programmed as part of NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival, Cubefest at Virginia Tech, Sound and Music Computing Conference at Cyprus University of Technology and En Chair et En Son Butoh Dance and Electronic Music Festival Paris, France. He has also served residencies in field-recording and electronic composition at La Macina di San Cresci Chianti, Italy and Arts, Letters and Numbers Albany, NY. As a performer, Mr. Elkin is an advocate for new music in chamber and solo settings.