Thorin Kerr - The Pungent Garden


The Pungent Garden depicts the beauty, violence and complexity of nature. A reminder that as much as we cultivate the garden to serve us, the world finds ways to thwart us. Consider, for example, the elusiveness of finding a 'perfect' tuning system, or our attempts to recapture the myth of nostalgia. This is a work of computer music composed and rendered entirely within the venerable audio processing language Csound. The tuning system is based on 94edo. Initially an eight note scale was selected: The selection was derived by ear, however I've since found it approximates an assortment of harmonic series intervals. The scale undergoes modulations by rotating the interval pattern of the scale, and re-basing the interval pattern on other notes in the scale. The included scala file is the initial eight note scale used at the beginning of the piece.

Tuning information:

! TKerr_8-94.scl ! Thorin Kerr's 8 from 94ed2 8 ! 204.26 382.98 548.94 702.13 842.55 970.21 1085.11 1200.00

Composer bio:

Thorin Kerr is a computer music composer. Thorin studied composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and later completed a Masters on the topic of live coding at the Queensland University of Technology. For ten years, Thorin was a keyboard player for progressive rock group Sh'Mantra. As well as making music, Thorin is interested in algorithmic interfaces, and developed the VJ/DJ software instrument Jam2jam for 'XO' laptops for the One Laptop Per Child initiative.