Reilly Pascal Spitzfaden - Resonances


In this piece, groups of instruments (percussion/piano, winds, and strings) initiate gestures based around a quality of resonance characteristic to that group. The other instruments take on these characteristics as they inexactly replicate the original gesture.

Tuning information:

! 24-EDO ! Quarter-tones 24 ! 50.00000 100.00000 150.00000 200.00000 250.00000 300.00000 350.00000 400.00000 450.00000 500.00000 550.00000 600.00000 650.00000 700.00000 750.00000 800.00000 850.00000 900.00000 950.00000 1000.00000 1050.00000 1100.00000 1150.00000 2/1

Composer bio:

Reilly Spitzfaden is a composer and choreographer who likes collecting weird sounds and noisy objects, microtonal tunings, and collaborating with chamber musicians. Reilly's recordings appear on How Things Are Made, S3E02; "Statements" with the Michigan State University composition studio; and in the Media Sandbox and Michigan State University Department of Theatre film "(313) Choices." They have premiered pieces in the U.S. and Italy. They are a recent winner of the Belle S. Gitelman Award, the Howard Hanson Orchestral Prize and the MSU Large Ensemble Competition. Reilly is a PhD student in composition at the Eastman School of Music studying with Oliver Schneller. They received an MA in composition from Eastman, where they studied with Robert Morris and Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, and a BM in composition from Michigan State University.