Musician interviews

New on 2016-02-25: an interview with the one-and-only microtonal EDM/IDM pioneer, Sevish (Sean Archibald).

New on 2015-03-07: an interview with Dave Seidel, who specializes in beautiful ambient electronic drone-based music, typically using just intonation.

An interview (conducted on 2014-08-03) with Johnny Reinhard, bassoonist and founder of the American Festival of Microtonal Music.

Interview with our newest board member, Bruce Hamilton!

Competition winner interviews:


Löis Lancaster
Shaahin Mohajeri
Chris Tuohey
Carlo Tenan


Jason Yerger
Alex Wand/Brendan Byrnes
Osnat Youssin
Nicolas Cline


Joel Hickman
Shaahin Mohajeri
Jian Shi


Monroe Golden
Soressa Gardner
Igliashon Jones