Xenharmonic Performance Practice Challenge ≈ March 2019

Hey, we get it. Microtoning is hard. But it is also rewarding and fun, especially when you're not alone in the struggle. That's why we organize our summer camp. Think of this as your audition for camp. But it's the most welcoming, supportive, and friendly audition you'll ever take!

However, this is not only about this year's workshop. It's about building an infrastructure of supports for musicians of all stripes to have a good first xenharmonic experience. To take up the Xenharmonic Performance Practice Challenge means taking on a small project, something that nobody, or very few people, have even tried. Even if you fail terribly, you will earn distinction by virtue of the rarity of your act alone. (Yes, this is the Great Xenharmonic Secret.) And, any progress that you do make may potentially pave the way for those who come along later.

The X.P.P.C. is completely voluntary, in this sense. There is no official submission process, voting, adjudication, or award. We suggest a timeframe of 1-3 weeks to prepare a video that could be used to augment your existing portfolio. While the nature of the actual challenge is ultimately up to you, here is a table of recommendations:

Category Level Composer Composition Tuning
Treble/solo/melody instrument/vocal Intermediate Joseph Pehrson BlackandJill excerpt (backing track, synth realization, score in 72-EDO Sims/Maneri notation) Blackjack (Miracle temperament, 21 out of 72 EDO)
Vocal / overdub / barbershop Intermediate Gareth Hearne Sanctus (score, premiere recording) Porcupine, 7 out of 22 EDO
Vocal / SATB Advanced Jacob A. Barton Alphabet 31 (score, wiki page) 31 EDO
String quartet Advanced Kyle Gann Love Scene (score, synth realization) from beginning 11-limit JI

Send submissions or questions to summercamp -attt- untwelve.org. Let us know how long it took you, what trouble if any you ran into. Categories and additional supporting materials will be added on a rolling basis. We're here to help!