Announcing UnTwelve's Camp Offering 2019:

Xenharmonic Workshop and Showcase

RIGHT NOW: If you haven't already, please fill out our Intent to Participate Form.

What: Compose, rehearse, and then present and record new compositions in relatively unexplored tuning systems.

What Else? Discuss xen-micro-theory and aesthetics; build instruments; play at and practice microtonal ear-training and singing; listen to music and talk about it. Eat food, cook food, have good times. Un-wind and de-stress in a natural, soul-healing setting.

To build a hospital, first plant some hemp.

When? August 4 - August 13. A breezy whirlwind week of rehearsal, followed by an exciting mini-tour of Appalachia.

Where? Dr. Patch Adams' Gesundheit Institute in Hillsboro, West Virginia

For Whom?

All self-described musicians with an interest in alternative tuning systems are encouraged to attend, from curious beginners to seasoned veterans.

What tunings? "The tuning of the year is 31-EDO." Not a strict rule, but we're looking to amass resources and instruments for one shared tuning system for efficiency's sake, and we have chosen 31 equal divisions of the octave, aka 31 tone equal temperament. UnTwelve does not endorse a single notation system or practice.

Accommodations: Gesundheit features comfortable dormitory rooms, yurts, and tenting/camping areas. More details here.

How do I sign up? You'll need to fill out this Google Form. There is also a Performance Practice Challenge with some suggestions for the level of what we are looking for for performers. Email any questions you have to "summercamp" "@" "".

Did you say recording? Yes! More details on the recordings page.

How much does it cost? The estimated price (including tuition, room & board, and materials for 11 days) is $900. We will consider work-study arrangements for certain volunteer tasks and merit-based scholarships for performers who demonstrate skill in this type of music. Additionally, new this year is a "bring-a-friend discount" of $100.

I only go to these things to keep up with the Joneses. Which Joneses are attending this year?

Well, since you asked, here are some folks who have committed so far.

Possible/Probable Activities/Workshops/Courses/Curriculum:

  • Rehearsal, Recording & Performance Projects - Composers and performers get together and rehearse / workshop / perform / record their works.
  • Xenharmonic Praxis Orchestra - Each day the whole encampment will get together to play harmonic series (major chords), building out from there to xennier and xennier horizons, drawing on everything from folksong to "xen classics”.
  • Working in a Niche Field - Elizabeth Baker shares her experience as an entrepreneur. Networking, self-employment, and independent musicianship will all be discussed. Q&A to follow.
  • Tinkering: An Instrument Building Workshop - Workshop on what an instrument is, how an instrument does, and how you can too.
  • Xenharmonic Kazoo Choir - Right what it says on the tin. Voice of the heavens.
  • Tuning Math For Dummies - Learn about tuning theory: acoustic bases, Just Intonation, divisions of the octave, and other guiding theoretical principles for thinking xenharmonically.

  • Keywords: microtonal, xenhamonic, ekmelic, eleutherotonal, neoteric, polymicrotonal, xenrhythmic, tricesimoprimal, just intonation, JI, equal temperaments, 12edo, untwelve, detwelvulated, free-pitch, historical tunings, non-Western tunings, alternative tunings, theory, practice, praxis, DIY, pedagogy