Microcsound, a tool for writing microtonal music in Csound

UPDATE: development of the Python version of microcsound is deprecated, in favor of the use of the new online tool available here at untwelve.org. The info below is left on this page for those who wish to still run microcsound locally.

Older info:

microcsound has been in development for a number of years, and I've written some significant work using it. It makes the task of writing Csound scores easier in general, and in particular, easier for folks who want to try different tuning systems.

The only pre-requisite software you'll need is Csound, of course, and since microcsound is written in Python, you'll need that, too.


If you use pip in Python, simply:
    pip install microcsound
Or, you can also install from github via git:
    git clone https://github.com/akjmicro/microcsound
    cd microcsound
    python3 -m pip install .

The package will be installed to a system Python library directory, where that is depends on your system setup.

The documentation and example Csound orchestra files will be located under the Python lib directory where microcsound gets installed, under 'share/doc' and 'data', respectively.

  • Questions? As the developer, you can always contact me if you need help. Use the contact form! I also am interested in seeing and hearing what you do with this tool. So, let me know if you've found it useful!

  • -Aaron Krister Johnson