31-Tone Group Blog in the Making!

by Andrew Heathwaite 2013-09-27 @ 11:20:51

Hello world! I'm looking at a great big white box (this brand spanking new community blogging interface, crafted by AKJ), and it represents the wide open, unwritten future of the microtonal movement. I'm excited to see what comes of this! I wanted to mention that a handful of us who have been participating in the Xenharmonic Alliance II Facebook Group are currently scheming for a 31-Tone Group Blog of some kind! 31-tone equal temperament has been a continual fascination for composers looking to expand the possibilities of harmonic music. With its excellent approximations to the prime overtones 7 and 11, it is ripe for xenharmonic exploration. I hope that a community blog with a focus on 31-equal will bring these new musical possibilities more and more into cultural reality. When, where, and how this blog will take form is currently uncertain. Possibly right here! We'll have to see how it all develops. Ears to the future, Andrew


Aaron K. Johnson 2013-09-27 @ 11:56:38

Andrew, this is very exciting, and while you are at it, can you upload a picture so you can see the FB and Ning-esque headshot cheap ripoff job I did? :D
Aaron K. Johnson 2013-10-09 @ 18:43:59

I dig the picture, Andrew...you look like you are in shock or something.

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