We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2010 composition competition:

Audio links to mp3 files are available by clicking on the titles. Program notes and bios of all the entries may be found HERE. Also, interviews with the winning 3 can be found by clicking their name.

1st prize ($500): Monroe Golden (USA)- Incongruity

2nd prize ($250): Soressa Gardner (Canada)- Mayne at Midnight

3rd prize ($150): Igliashon Jones (USA)- Persephone Descends

In addition, the following composers will be considered finalists, and represented on the dark concert, Jan 29th:

David Snow (USA)- Etudes for Imaginary Harp
Joseph Post (USA)- US Gold
Shaahin Mohajeri (Iran)- The battle of Ahuramazda and Ahriman
Martin Loridan (France)- brume, espace, temps...
James Wyness (Scotland)- a dissolving view
Donald Craig (USA)- Study in 31
Ann Cantelow (USA)- Lu Dong Bin's Dream

We thank the rest of the participants for their hard work and the enjoyment of hearing the results: (please note that only those contestants who have agreed to release their audio to the public at this point will have audio links)

judsoN (USA)- Moe's Art Re-Tempered
Thomas Taxus Beck (Germany)- Ritual I
Andrew Bernstein (USA)- Not Every Boy Wants To Be A Soldier
Cameron Bobro (Slovenia)- A Little Romance
Giovanni Damiani (Italy)- sintonia di spettri
Jacques Delaguerre (France)- UnTwelve 2010 Cadenza
Jacques DUDON (France)- Parallel Worlds
Craig Evans (USA)- Hymn of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Larry Gaab (USA)- In Places Finished and Separated
William Greenhalgh (UK)- Spreolee
David Hamill (USA)- Cool My Head
Joel Hickman (USA)- Fall 2010
Chuckk Hubbard (USA)- The World Is Ours
Ryan Ingebritsen (USA)- Reparametrization 5: The Music of Erich Zann
Olga Krashenko (Russia)- Memento mori
Domina Catrina Lee (USA)- Eidolon
Kathy McTavish (USA)- bent / hOwl
Nicola Monopoli (Italy)- Obbligo Ontologico del Fragile Essere Umano
Joshua Musikantow (USA)- Tonos
Lee Noyes (New Zealand)- August Moon
John Seales (South Korea)- Out of the subway ... into the sound
Dan Senn (USA)- Cycling China
Michael Sheiman (USA)- Dimension
Jon Lyle Smith (USA)- Dithyramb
Gene Smith (USA)- Pianodactyl
Christian Theil (Germany)- Preludes Behind the Scene (excerpt)
aart uunivers (Germany)- deployeé
Chris Vaisvil (USA)- Godzareh Depression
Alexey Vandrik (Russia)- Dream of the Prophet
Praveen Venkataramana (USA)- The Sammamish Reverie

Congrats to all and thanks to all the participants and our judges: David Schrader, Kraig Grady, Dante Rosati, Elaine Walker, Robert Voisey, Andy Hasenpflug, and Terumi Narushima. We also wish to thank again our generous donors, listed at the bottom of this page.

In the interest of reference, here was the original announcement and rules:

UnTwelve announces its 2nd annual composition competition

We are delighted to offer yet again a unique opportunity for composers and for the budding field of new tunings, temperaments, and microtonality! We are looking for NEW works in any medium (do not send us things which were sitting on your shelf, or things you have already released in any manner---the idea is that this competition spurs you creativity NOW) which reflect the potential of using tunings/temperaments other than 12-equal.

First prize is $500.00 (USD). We will also recognize 2nd prize ($250) and 3rd prize ($150) finalists. Also to note--There will be a "dark concert" presentation on Saturday, January 29th, 2011 in Evanston, IL of the highest-rated hour of music from the submissions. In addition, your music will be promoted from our website in the form of artist interviews of the top 3 finalists, and a downloadable audio tracks consisting of the finalist's pieces. All contestants who enter will at the very least have a mention of their participation, which can include, should they choose, a link to their music or site from untwelve.org

NEWS! The Turkish software company Data-Soft has announced that it wishes to support our competition by offering licenses for its Mus2 software to the top ten rated finalists of this competition. In the words of developer Utku Uzmen "[this]...could hopefully be a useful bonus for the contestants.This would also help us get our software out to the very people it was made for."

Here are the rules and regulations:

The competition is now officially closed to new registrants.

We look forward to hearing your work! Good luck!

The 2010 UnTwelve composition competition is underwritten in part by generous donations from the following individuals:

Michael and Kay Anderson
Steve Hillyer
Donald Johnson
Graham Breed
Ann Murray
Jason Pickelman
Christopher Bailey
Kern Roush
Robert Voisey
Mike Battaglia
William Sethares
Ann Cantelow
Enrico Francioni
Kathleen Schmidt
Joel Hickman

To add your name to this honorable list, go to the donations page. Your financial help, as always, is greatly appreciated.