News for the 2011 competition

The results are in! (As audio becomes available to the public, each piece will be visible as a link.)

Program notes for the pieces are available here.
Interviews are available for the 3 winners by clicking on their names.

Congratulations to all, and especially to our top 3 winners:

1st prize ($500): Joel David Hickman (USA) - like the automatic couplings of railway carriages
2nd prize ($250): Jian Shi (China) - Lady Peony and the Ghost Opera

3rd prize ($150): Shaahin Mohajeri (Iran) - Three Micromusics for an Ant

We also want to acknowledge the remainder of the finalists:

Angus Barnacle (Australia) - Prelude for Rhythmicon
Joshua Musikantow (USA) - Nerding Out with Mel
James Ross (USA) - Chikhai Bardo
Nora-Louise Müller (Germany) - Sphaera
David Beyer (USA) - Meditations
Jonathan Rabson (USA/Canada) - Introspection for Three Differently Tuned Violins

A very special repeat thank you to our distinguished judges this year: Kyle Gann, Aron Kallay, Vera Ivanova, Isaac Schankler, and Brian K. Shepherd.

Thanks to the contributions as well of the following folks who made it to the deadline finish line...over the course of the next few days, as they grant permission, their work may be exhibited and hosted as an mp3 from this site, so please return and check in:

Kenneth Anderson (USA) - Zuri's Geode
John L. Baker (Canada) - Nocturne
Brendan Byrnes (USA) - Zibra
Jason Conklin (USA) - The City Sleeps, A Madrigal
John Coutts (Australia) - Two Whole Fortnights
Donald Craig (USA) - Fluid Mechanics
Fabrizio Fiale (Italia) - Neve su Roma
Kite Giedraitis (USA) - I Hear Numbers
Thiago Salas Gomes (Brazil) - Undoing the Classical Guitar
Matthew Hollier (USA) - Jubilant Goatherd Folklore Vector Triumphantly Fictionalizing Hedgehog Geochemist's Magical Aria
Peter Kosmorsky (USA) - A Stiff Shot of Turpentine
Stanislav Kozadayev (USA) - Dome
Sean Luciw (Canada) - A Wrinkle In Tone
Claudi Meneghin (Switzerland and Lombardy) - Chaconna en G=, La Padana, ou la septimala
John Moriarty (USA) - Half a murder, Twice a Wake
Adrian Nagel (Germany) - allgedacht für Violoncello
Keenan Pepper (USA) - Angan-angan
Jørgen Walker Peterson (USA) - late evening anxiety
Thomas Pottage (England) - Mira
Paul Rubenstein (USA) - planetary exploration
Edward Ruchalski (USA) - Mic-gtr (1)
Michael Sheiman (USA) - Ghost of Max
Jake Sherman (USA) - News To Me
Steven Snethkamp (USA) - Disembodied II
Hans Straub (Switzerland) - Nocturne
Joel Taylor (USA) - Hymn
Shinichiro Toyoda (Japan) - pitch a curve

Below is the original hyper-text of the announcement of the competition:

UnTwelve announces 2011 Microtonal Composition Competition


Chicago, IL - UnTwelve is pleased to offer our third annual competition for composers in the budding field of new tunings, temperaments, and microtonality. The competition welcomes new works of recorded music which reflect the potential of using tunings systems and temperaments other than 12-tone equal temperament.

First prize is $500.00 (USD); we will also recognize 2nd prize ($250) and 3rd prize ($150) finalists. A new category of Performance Awards has been added this year in partnership with MicroFest. Works for solo retuned digital piano will be eligible to receive a premiere performance and CD recording by virtuoso pianist Aron Kallay as part of MicroFest 2012 in the Los Angeles area.

Eligibility Rules

Submission and Judging

Additional requirements and details for Performance Awards

You may now proceed to the REGISTRATION PAGE

We look forward to hearing your work! Good luck!