2014 Composition Competition

We have the results!

The winners of the 2014/2015 competition are:

1st prize:

Löis Lancaster - Sintonia do Ocidente | audio file | notes

2nd prize:

Shaahin Mohajeri - Castle of Babak | audio file | notes

3rd prize:

Chris Tuohey - Substance | audio file | notes

4th prize:

Carlo Tenan - Don't fix it | audio file | notes

Here are the rest of the entries:

Claudi Meneghin - Tocada | audio file | notes

J. Malerman - The Splendour | audio file | notes

Blas Payri - Divagación de un día de lluvia | audio file | notes

Santiago Cosentino - Interdimensional Train Ride | audio file | notes

Cam Taylor - mean(ing) | audio file | notes

Peter Hulen - Refuge Invention | audio file | notes

Serban Nichifor - SIGNALS V for Cello solo | audio file | notes

Joseph Michaels - Newport Beach in the 70s | audio file | notes

Fabrizio Fiale - 14 41 | audio file | notes

Andrián Pertout - Musica universalis for Harmonic and Polytonal Bells | audio file | notes

Saúl Chapela - Alarms (Homage to Colon Nancarrow) | audio file | notes

Nora-Louise Müller - Zusammen hallt | audio file | notes

Matthew Hollier - Illogical Pitch Space | audio file | notes

Hans Straub - Val Fedoz | audio file | notes

Paul Cowell - Shadowed from heaven's eye | audio file | notes

Justin Rubin - Petite romance pour piano en intonation juste | audio file | notes

Francesco Guiot - Glitch #1 | audio file | notes

Zoran Scekic - Autumn Fantasy of Martin the Mouse | audio file | notes

D. Edward Davis - lens | audio file | notes

Shunya Kiyokawa - -steps- in 15ET | audio file | notes

David Snow - Hyperchromatische Fantasie | audio file | notes

Todd Harrop - Thornbright | audio file | notes

Benjamin Fuhrman - Toolbox | audio file | notes

Marc Aubele - I Move Between Rooms | audio file | notes

Shane Monds - Jamais Vu | audio file | notes

John Moriarty - Minimal Progress | audio file | notes

Nicholas Cline - tent rain sketch II | audio file | notes

Josh Weinberg - Golden Freqs | audio file | notes

Donald Craig - Nebula | audio file | notes

Oscar Gonzalez - Pi (π) | audio file | notes

JED LARSON - Opus. A1201 | audio file | notes

Tiffany Skidmore - Tanzen | audio file | notes

William Copper - Music for Strings | audio file | notes

Jude Thomas - White Thanksgiving: Four Tableaux in Just Intonation | audio file | notes

Gareth Hearne - Porcupine Man | audio file | notes

Joe Beedles - Omitted Definition | audio file | notes

Jeffrey Brown - refracted modulations | audio file | notes

Sabutay Uğur - PICASSO-GUERNICA | audio file | notes

Lin Culbertson - A Salvo of Tears | audio file | notes

Daniel Sewell - Quartet | audio file | notes

Sam Krahn - slow/noise/tone | audio file | notes

Jeremy Cox - Live from Oakland | audio file | notes


22 July 2014—UnTwelve is happy to announce the 2014 edition of the Untwelve Microtonal Composition Competition. The competition is an incentive for composers to create microtonal music that demonstrates the desirability of non-12 equal music to the public at large.

The judges this year will be: Paul Erlich, Monroe Golden, Brendan Byrnes, Ryan Pratt, and Elizabeth Adams.

While you can start composing now, our submission engine will be accepting your entries on or before October 1st 2014. The competition will close at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time December 15th 2014. There is no fee for submission. Monetary prizes are in 4 levels this year: $650/$400/$250/$100. To be accepted, entries must follow the following rules:

  1. The contest is international and open to persons of all ages. Board members or direct affiliates to UnTwelve and last year's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are excluded.
  2. Only one work per applicant will be considered.
  3. Works are suggested to be between 4 and 10 minutes in length. You may submit shorter or longer works; however, all else being equal, the chances of the composition winning outside of this suggested range lessen.
  4. The final audio product - meaning, the composition's musicality, the production quality, the performance (by a human or an electronic or mechanical device) and the compositional skill exhibited in handling an alternate tuning(s) is what is judged. Therefore poor recordings or performances will be a negative factor in adjudication. (Addendum, 2014-10-08 -- The submission engine will accept FLAC format only!)
  5. UnTwelve reserves the right to not declare any winners if there aren't any entries of sufficient quality, as deemed by the adjudication process.
  6. Works submitted must be composed specifically for this competition and not publicly available in any form at any time prior to the contest winners being announced.
  7. Works must be in a tuning or temperament significantly different from 12-tone equal temperament. Such alternative systems include: extended just intonation; any non-12 equal division of the octave; non-octave scales e.g. Bohlen-Pierce; recurrent sequence scales; found or empirically-derived tunings; or any tunings invented by the composer based on mathematical principles or formulae, etc. See the Scala scale archive or the Xenharmonic Wiki for more ideas.
  8. You must describe the tuning(s) used in a plain text file on the entry form. (A suggested and concise way to do so is the Scala ".scl" format just mentioned above.) We will not accept any entry where this information is not present.
  9. Following the competition, UnTwelve reserves the right to have the audio of your entry composition hosted and linked from our website. Finalists must allow public access to their work in this way; and for non-finalists, only in the event of you writing in to request removing audio links will your audio be removed. Please note that this procedure is the opposite of previous years!
  10. By entering your submission, you agree to all of the above these terms.

The registration process and submission engine are now online HERE. Feel free to start planning and composing your compositions! Good luck!